The sound of Music

Being a Bengali, all that I have heard is Rabindra Sangeet like any other Bengali household. And that was always the idea of what music is. Since then my family has been teaching me about the rich culture and heritage that our country holds in regards to music. But one day, when I had this thought wrecking process of the nerves and brains, I realized that, ‘No, I had been wrong for my entire life!’ Music existed way before the time we could identify and relate to sounds. The rhythm of the fluids moving in the womb, the pounding of heart, the rate of pulse. All those have been there and has always reminded us, that we are alive.

Now imagine your world without the slightest of sound. Imagine the world even without the feel of music. No feel of the bass, no vibration in the water, no rhythm in the heart. Now after you have visualized everything, are you really alive? Are you feeling happy? Is your mind and soul at peace?
I am very sure it is not. For which International Music Day is celebrated. To celebrate and acknowledge the very basic way of existence, also to relive every moment of living. Giving a brief about the history of Music Day, the festival was organized in the UK, celebrating every live music event and music artist in the world. This festival is celebrated in more than 186 countries worldwide and inaugurated with live music concerts and shows.

Today my friends, is the day of reminiscing every old and forgotten tune. Put your speakers loud and play the list aloud, by giving a thought on these quotes-

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. – Bob Marley

Rock and roll ain’t noise pollution. – AC/DC

That’s what music is: entertainment. The more you put yourself into it, the more of you comes out in it. – Kurt Cobain

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