The Yog Rog

I have something to say. Clearly. Yet again. And it is about the governments decision to observe international yoga day on the 21st of June. I’d begin by clarifying that the following statements are not influenced or rather coloured by any political ideology. I stand firmly against safronization of county’s polity and official institutions.

But as a muslim who has willingly received training in yoga for seven continuous years, I recognised the brilliance and the art of yoga.And i personally never in that time endured any religious oppression.

Yoga is beyond physical training and beyond muscle toning and weight reduction. My teacher always called it ‘the art of living’. He had a poetic description of body’s alignment with celestial bodies. The left side of the body is, apparently associated to the Moon. Whereas the right side is associated with the Sun. I proudly sported temporary tattoos of the sun and the moon for several weeks on my wrist, after I stopped my training prior to moving for university.

Evidently my training in yoga had an impression on me. I was able to see my body as a space that I was suppose to fill with positivity. I could see the centre of myself and through the seven chakras that inhabited the mortal frame. I understand that there is a tendency of falling into the philosophical chakras, as I might have.(sincere apologies)
Crisp of the matter is that, yoga combined physical and mental training. I coped with adolescent stress and pubescent health strains through several minutes of Surya namaskar, asanas and pranayamas. I was very thankful for the opportunity I had. But I was also conscious of my fellow citizens not being aware of the goodness of yoga or even pursuing yoga as a fitness source. I’m aware, that I have no right to dictate anybody’s health choices, and I wont attempt to do so. My statement here is not for you to attend the yoga festivals which are in order. I only believe that yoga is too vast and impeccable to blatantly ignore. I saw how popular and respected it was in western countries and I hoped everytime that it was more approachable in my own country, in case people wished to take it up. So the celebration of international yoga day is not entirely bleak if it proves to promote yoga the way it promises to. I can understand the underlying attempts of saffron nationalisation and I reaffirm that respect for minority culture it equally needed.

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