Specially-abled girl from Assam wrote her exams with her legs and scored first division

 “Disability need not be an obstacle to success,” Stephen Hawking inscribed in the first ever world disability report back in 2011. As one of the most influential experts of current generations, the wheelchair-bound physicist is absolutely a demonstration of such talent.

In India as well, the region of Hojai is gallantly proud as a Specially-abled girl secured 63% in her HSLC examination this year. Though suffering from hand paralysis, Jebin Kausar did not let anything impede her functionality. She finishes all her everyday activities such as eating, writing and also creating Henna designs for females using her legs. She does make it look so effortless.

Image source: Theassamnews

Jebin Kausar is from Murajhar studying at Gyan Jyoti Academy in Hojai district.  She emerged in her HSLC exam this year beneath the Board of Secondary Education, Assam and has endured getting the first division in her exam. She managed to write with her legs in the exam.

She has become a motivation to everyone who considers themselves helpless. Jebin revealed her honor to her Parents and Teachers who have encouraged her completely and has been truly overwhelmed by her score. She’s enthusiastic about becoming a teacher who despite not being able to use her hands will influence modern peers to be skilled and self-supporting like her. Jebin’s further education must be financed by the state, her headmistress believes and has appealed for the same.

Jebin has made everyone proud and people from different parts of the district are praising her for her accomplishment. She’s absolutely an inspiration to all.

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