So what if PM is branding women empowerment, does it help on ground?

By the passing time, women empowerment is the phrase which is going to be most uttered phrase by Indian politicians.First we the common man heard this word from Rahul Gandhi,the vice president of Indian National Congress during 2014 general election. Congress lost the election but now this weapon seems to be taken over by current PM Mr. NArendra Modi. His emphasis on women empowerment can be seen during a visit to ongoing International trade fair in New Delhi.Almost every pavilion is emphasizing on women empowerment, whether it is Bihar or Punjab. Every state is talking about women empowerment, and we can see handful of material made by just women. we can see in almost every pavilion the pictures of women entrepreneurs, artists and the similar.But the real question exists, whether visualizing couple of successful entrepreneurs will help starters in the sense of motivation and whether today’s students and passouts will start her business. we asked handful of students and passouts the same question.Many of them stated they are motivated, but they cannot start their business. according to them, the real obstacle is the system.
The system has not changed. Today we can talk on women empowerment day and night but if the system is not acting as helping hand one cannot even think of starting business. Couple of girls there stated they wanted to start their business but due to under the table system and table to table system they could not. And this is the base issue which is faced today, by everyone. Modi ji or Rahul ji can talk on women empowerment as much and can promises as big on this, but fact is that the system is the same.If they change the system, if any college student can start his business then it will help both male as well female.It will help the mass.

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