Facts that make Sachin a Human

When fans of the God of Indian Cricket came to know that an autobiography was on its way, it was an unusual celebration. Expectations were high, naturally since it is being penned by Sachin Tendulkar himself along with co-author Boria Majumdar. Even before the release, Sachin hinted all of us about the interesting and essentially controversial facts less known by the people which is included in the book-‘Playing It My Way’. Believe it or not, his autobiography has hit the roads with all the controversies and even a bit of doubt about the legend.

During his peak days and other times, we have all known Sachin to be a calm player, who rather than trying to pick up a debate, tries to solve it in peace. He has been an integral part of the team’s unity. Many unfortunate incidents which were bound to happen were washed away by his timely interference. Right after the book’s release, he got into a maze with him writing about Greg Chappell. Adding to it, his wife and former team mates have spilled stories that would make the God of Cricket seem mortal (just meant human).

Earlier, Dilip Vensarkar had handpicked Sachin at the insistence of former cricketer Vasudev Paranjpe. At the practice session of Cricket Club of India, he even asked the like of the then legends- Kapil Dev and Chetan Sharma to bowl to the 15 year old. Mumbai selectors were convinced despite their reluctance to pick him for the Mumbai team. But this prodigy failed to appear for the practice citing art exam as the excuse.

Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar- they can be considered a perfect blend of right and left partnership for Indian batting lineup. However it might be amusing to know that both the players were aspiring pace bowlers. At the MRF Pace Academy, they were once roommates. The story goes like this-One night Sachin was seen to be pacing around the room for a bit and then returns to his bed. The Bengal Dada took it for an isolated incident and thus turned over and dozed off. But the same routine followed for other days too. When Ganguly finally asked about this he got a new fact- Sachin was sleepwalking.

The Wall- I wonder if this name is unfamiliar to anyone who worships cricket. Yes, I am talking about Rahul Dravid. Another fact as transparent as glass is that Sachin and Rahul are undoubtedly scored more runs together in test cricket than anyone else in the sport. When we all saw Dravid as a newbie, Sachin had already become a sort of brand name in the team. Dravid usually made his way for the crease as number three and Sachin batted number four. His feeling is similar to us- that is to watch ourselves from doing anything stupid that might get Sachin to make his way back to the pavilion. When your nickname is God, then naturally you should be cool and that’s what Sachin did too.

I’ve been with my relatives and when some friends of ours try to tell embarrassing things about us, it’s better not to hold on to the support from the relatives, because they just might not offer any. Instead of coming to support, they might as well join the group. They will have their own stories that would make you wish you were invisible.

One such story about Tendulkar was spilled out by Anjali, his dear wife. She was the one who chased after a 17-year-old Sachin after she saw him at the Mumbai airport. She even posed as a journalist to get into his house and meet him. And if that’s not embarrassing enough, when the couple were ready to get serious, Sachin asked Anjali to talk to his parents about their engagement. We did not see that coming.

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