Reasons why students sleep in classes

  1. Lack of sleep
    Sleeping late at night for any of the reasons either your mobile phones or any wedding or some occasions, you will definitely complete your sleep in classroom. That is why we are always asked to sleep at time.
  2. No breakfast
    We often tend to leave the breakfast in hurry to attend the first lecture, than after a time it grabs our attention and results into sleepiness.
  3. Food before the class
    A whole meal just before the class is one of the major reasons why classes after the recess are heck.
  4. Repeated lecture
    When teacher starts teaching something that we have already studied for 1000’s of times, the lecture will naturally become boring and sleepy.
  5. Less attention span
    The shows that student attention level takes a dive, approximately 10 minutes into a lesson. A teacher should introduce variation into a lesson every 10 minutes to regain the students’ attention by inserting a student activity to asking question or otherwise soliciting involvement from the students to changing the delivery style or mechanism.
  6. Word limit
    The average person speaks at a rate of about 150 words per minute. Listeners however, can understand messages presented at a rate of 380 words per minute. Often that “lag” time causes listeners to let their minds wander. You have to learn to focus your attention on the message. And teachers should speak more continuously without having so much of breaks.
  7. No communication strategy
    Some teachers seriously need to learn some communication strategies, that they should vary their tone while giving a lecture, their voice should be appropriate to reach the each student and they should also communicate in day to day language instead of giving a lecture with conditioned vocabulary and similar tone all the time, without even looking into the students eyes.
  8. Pre assumptions about teacher
    We often think that lectures with a particular teacher are always boring, this type of mindset will always lead to a sleepy lecture.

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