Having the right winter clothes is important. With cold temperatures you need to choose your clothing thoughtfully to stay cozy yet still be able to move easily.

1) Layered Dressing
Layers of clothes help fight off the cold on the outside and keep your body warm.

2) Simple Clothes
A black jacket with skinny jeans with black boots, it’s elegant and easy to wear for any occasion. Adding up a scarf along with that will give you a more sophisticated look. Generally speaking, the thicker the better, whether it is a synthetic jacket, or a good quality coat.

3) Down Coats
A lot of down is good, but if a coat is good at maintaining loft insulating by trapping air it doesn’t need as much down and can be lighter!

4) Flaunt in a slim Vest
A long, thin leather vest worn over a matching turtleneck is a trendy alternative to a jacket.

5) Topped with style
A bad jacket can kill a winter look, so topping yourself in winter with a sharp leather jacket or wool driving coat can be something cool.

6) The coziest sweater
Those creamy chunky sweaters go well with everything whether with a pair of jeans or with those tailored trousers for office.
7) Hat and gloves
It’s good to own a variety of layers. Fingers and hands are very vulnerable to the cold, so keep them covered.

8) High Boots
We all know, tall boots serve two purposes in the frigid winter season: to give us extra coverage and to add a dose of sex appeal to your look.

Thus in the cold winter months anyone can look fashionable from head to toe. Keep looking good and stay warm all season long!

[author image=”” ]I am Daniya Tabassum, presently pursuing Sociology hons from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. I love to read and write and have a keen interest in teaching as well. [/author]

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