Rape Race

India has increased its speed in the race of rapes, and if it will be at this place it will soon lead.In the reign of the newly formed government, Uber cab rape case took pace to mention the most recent one. In the former government’s reign Damini case was the most brutal one. Neither the government at the centre nor at the state government took effective measures till date to curb such heinous deeds against the life and dignity of women. In fact, the people employed with the government and juveniles at times, in fact many a times to quench their barbaric thirst-rape little girls with dolls, young ladies ready to start their lives, pregnant women going to deliver lives and old women who lie on death beds and in no time would be lying in graves.

How can the nation forget the Kunan Posphora incident when the units of Indian Army launched interrogation in the village of Kunan Posphora in Kashmir. Women were allegedly gangraped by soldiers repeatedly that night.human rights watch has reported that the number of raped women could be as high as 100.How can the nation forget Damini,who was brutally raped in a moving bus later thrown naked on the streets of Delhi to die.How can the nation forget Nilofer Aasiya Who was raped and murdered in mysterious circumstances in the valley of Kashmir.How can the nation forget Anjana Mishra rape case filed against the CM of Orrisa.How can the nation forget Mathura rape case a girl raped by two policemen in Chandrapur district of Maharsatra.

India was put to shame when a Danish tourist was gangraped for three hours, who lost her way near New Delhi railway station. Same month, a German charity worker was raped by a man when she was riding a train from Mangalore to volunteer for a charity.

How can the nation forget Aruna Shanbang case,Priyadarshini Mattoo rapeand murder case??Imrana rape case? Scarlett keeling rape and murder case? Bhanwari Devi gang rape case and thousands of other such cases??

There are innumerable rape cases that do not come to light and go unreported.Be it Gujrat riots or Muzzaffarnagr riots or any other sort of chaos or upheaval in the country the women are worst victim,they are brutally raped and butchered.

According to National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB, 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012, but it was argued that the number of unreported cases of sexual assault brings the total number much higher.The latest estimates suggest that a new case of rape is reported every 20 minutes in India.

It is this hour,as it is already too late,the government of India needs to implement effective laws that even if a government servant or a so called juvenile commits a crime particularly rape ,he should be treated as criminal and punished for that accordingly.
The laws should be revised only to make them more strict and punishments harsh enough to curb rapes in this once called “golden sparrow” turned into the great rape hub.

The most lenient of all punishment should be that of life imprisonment or rather put them to death, the very next moment they prove guilty of the crime so that before quenching their monstrous thirst they know what the result would be of course.I am not the law making body nor a judge of any court or any other authority but a common Indian giving voice to my thoughts in a democratic nation which guarantees right to freedom as well as right against exploitation.

Are these “Acche Din” for the Indian women amidst the tasks of all round development maintaining international relations, defence of the land, women empowerment, removal of poverty, opportunities in every area etc.??
Indian women want to know when will the “Acchey Din” be witnessed in the real sense of the term.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Anam-Beg.jpg” ]I am an undergraduate student at the Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. In such a challenging and motivating world , my goal is to serve the society by laying bare the hidden truths, breaking the stereotypes and bring about unity and harmony by shattering and eliminating the narrow views like communalism , gender bias, etc[/author]

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