Women pay the cost of nation building

“Crime against women is a crime against humanity” is one of the popular slogans which people use during protest marches and rallies. But what happens to such slogans and statements as soon as the protest is over? It is sad but true that after the occasion, these big statements end up as nothing but as useless elements. And this is one of the reasons why bringing change and revolution in India is becoming difficult.

A country with diversity, yet united, India is a nation that is girdled by all sorts of modern problems. Population, pollution, hypocrisy, corruption, crime against women and terrorism are all problems encircling India and its bright future. What are the Indians doing in order to solve these issues out? We are electing good governments, participating in important nation concerning decisions, spreading awareness and doing whatever we think is possible for us as individuals. No doubt that all these efforts are commendable but here the focus is on crimes against women and how is this problem getting bigger and less easy to tackle?

The crimes against women in India and their cruelty that is so horrendous to witness as a human. Women are literally burnt to death for few luxury items in dowry. Women are literally killed if they choose to marry someone of their choice. Women are molested and raped at homes, schools, offices and public places. Women are threatened and beaten to death if they do not agree to what a male wants her to do. This is the saddest truth of all.

Anytime a crime against women is noticed by the media it becomes the hot topic for the news channels. They invite powerful personalities on their shows who enlighten the audience on how important women safety is and how urgently do these crimes need to stop. But with time, the audience loses interests, and so do the media and then the crimes and the criminals become a thing of the past, saved by the closed files and cases. Is this not sad that we forget about the condition of the woman against whom the crime was acted upon? The short term memory of the audience receives new sensationalized news but the victim can never grow out of the crime. Candle marches, awareness campaigns and protests do help but what is the use of these things if in the long race of achieving justice we leave the victims to fight alone?

Women are no less than men, not in any way or means. Today, this statement does not even needs to be proved as successful women have become emblematic of the “Naari Shakti”. The modern women demands to be put on an equal level with men. And in the modern world, where the whole world is worried about issues like terrorism which is considered a crime against the humanity then why are we not concerned about the crimes against women equally? Women are also the part of humanity. Women are the reason why the chain of being of mankind has flourished and there can be no possible reason why women can be neglected in their rights as humans.

Like all humans, women do possess the right to equality, right to information, right to education and right to live an independent life. Women are by no virtue or law subordinate to men. This is just a construction of the patriarchal society which needs to be and has to challenged by the women .Not just rapes, sexual assaults, dowry deaths and molestation are crimes but the subordination of women and the thought that women needs to be “tamed and controlled” is a sick mentality which needs to be changed. Women are also as human as men. They are different in physical appearances and that does not give a man the authority to cast a malicious eye upon her.

Crime against women is a crime against humanity and that is true in all situations. So if you next time talk about the human rights of a nation do keep in mind that first a nation needs to work on the upliftment of the women as they are the ones who are the real victims of the atrocities of crimes against humanity.

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