Navaratri: Symbolizing victory of positivity over negativity

Symbolizing victory of positivity over negativity, the festival of Navaratri has come; full of light, joy and festivity. Navaratri literally means nine nights in Sanskrit, ‘nava’ meaning nine and ‘ratri’ meaning nights. It is celebrated by all Hindus and has special significance in Gujrati community with extreme passion. The celebration varies from one state to another but the devotion remains the same all over India.

Navaratri is not only a religious ritual but through this festival, our culture, our traditional heritage, our social values and custom, our hospitality are expressed. Some Hindus believe that every night one form of Goddess is worshipped while some believe that three forms of Goddess are worshipped and they are the trinity of God.

It is good to keep mind, body and thoughts pure during the time of Navaratri. Some people eat only fruits and drink milk during the entire nine days and nights.They don’t wear black clothes during this period and avoid keeping leather goods with them. They worship young girls and feed them sweets and different types of traditional food items. They consider them as a form of Goddess Durga.

Now a days, unfortunately festivals are not given the importance which was given to them earlier because of certain changes in the lifestyle of people. First of all, people have become more luxurious rather than religious. We have a holiday and we wake up late. Than either we go for a movie or for parties. Secondly, the world has become so virtual that festivals are just limited to text, call, post on social websites instead of any actual human contact. Thirdly, today’s lifestyle has made us so busy that everyone is in rat race of making money and living their own life without any interference.

Earlier,festivals meant that the whole town would gather in a place and there would be a big celebration. Festivals bring people closer to each other and make social bond. We celebrate festivals to follow our tradition and religion in society. They moreover give us joyful time to spend with our family, friends and relatives while forgetting about the hardships of our daily hectic life. If we won’t be following our traditions and rituals, we will be leaving our next generations with a little but no knowledge of the richness of our heritage and culture. They ‘ll just eat, sleep and grow up without any amount of concern for other human being. And more than anything this society of ours need compassion. Festivities and celebration provides platform for us to grow, know, indulge and inculcate. We look forward to having a great festive season ahead and we wish you all happy navratri.

[author image=”” ]I am Ratika Bhardwaj,student of Bharati College,Delhi University.I am doing my graduation from English Honours.I usually like to read and write short poems and articles on social issues.[/author]

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