Jamia in collaboration with NCW concluded their first module of Two days workshop on Legal Awareness about Women Related Laws

Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia in collaboration with National Commission for Women had organised a two day National Legal Awareness Programme on the 10th and 11th of October, 2015 at the Municipal Corporation School located in Batla House,New Delhi.

During the Legal Awareness Programme, quite a number of women from adjoining localities participated in the aforementioned programme overwhelmingly. The programme was aided by an elaborately detailed module prepared by Prof. Dr. Nuzhat Parveen Khan, Faculty of Law, JamiaMillia Islamia, which was duly submitted for the same to NCW before the initiation of the programme. Prof. Dr. Nuzhat P. Khan is also the coordinator of the said programme.

Mr. Shoaib Danish, the Area Councillor for the locality,Ms. Sudha Choudhary, the Secretary of the National Commission for Women, and Ms. Sudha Khattar, a representative of the National Commission for Women, attended the programme and greatly appreciated the initiative. They also encouraged the concerned organisations to conduct similar events in the future as well. The Awareness Programme was closely monitored by the representatives from the National Commission for Women, they emphasized on the fact that the format of this programme should be adopted for any similar initiatives which will be undertaken in the future regarding identical issues.

The national legal awareness programme on both the days was presided over by Prof. Manjula Batra, Dean Faculty of Law, JamiaMillia Islamia. Various sessions were taken individually by the resources persons to address the gathering in order to spread awareness related to the issue.

Highlights of the workshop

Day 1
Session1: Prof Manjula Batra , dean Faculty of law, JMI talked about Domestic violence and dowry death
Session 2:  Prof. Ghulam Yazdani, faculty of law, JMI talked about Immoral trafficking and other related issues/laws
Session 3: Prof. Kahkasha Daniyal, Faculty of Law, JMI addressed the gathering by imparting awareness related to Muslim personal Laws, property rights of women, divroce, marriage and inheritance related issues.
Session4:  Sadiya khan,associate professor, Symbiosis Law school Noida, talked about the special status of women under the constitution of the India.
At the end of the day play was organized by the students of Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, on the topic “Women’s right to claim Maintenance and importance of NCW”.

Professor Nuzhat Parveen khan opened the second day of the programme by highlighting the importance of the legal awareness programme also emphasizing over the upliftment of the women community in our country. She also highlighted over the fact that today men should be more sensitized regarding the same.

Session1: Prof Asad Malik, Faculty of Law, JMI talked about free legal aid, procedural aspects of the rights involved and various other rights of the arrested women
Session2:  Aqsa Sikander, discussed various heiinious and grave crimes against the women under IPC.
Session3:  Prof Nuzhat Parveen khan, the coordinator of the Programme discussed the various labour as well as workplace laws with special reference to sexual harassment at workplace act.
Session4:  Prof Kahkasha Daniyal while talking about the family courts, emphasized upon the proceedings of such courts and the easy remedies provided by the family courts. Moreover she talked about the importance of various institutions likeNational Commission for Women and National Human rights commission established in order to aid the targeted group.

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