Modi’s fructiferous meet with Chinese Prez Xi Jinping

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi welcomed China’s President Mr. Xi on his opinion to visit India on September. On this meeting on Tuesday Mr. Modi and China’s President discussed to negotiate the resolution on the boundary dispute and invited Mr. Modi for a meet in November as well.

Both the leaders met first ever meeting in the Brazil. The BRICS summit, Lasted for 80 minutes which was extended from scheduled time frame of 40 minutes.

Mr. Modi remarked it as fruitful meet on his tweet, this meet described as a frank and candid discussion and numerous issues has been discussed in this meet

Mr.Modi on the issues of boundaries emphasized on maintaining the tranquillity for resolving the issue and through cordial negotiation. He stressed his views regarding the economic ties and welcomed Chinese government to invest in infrastructure and industries.

In this meet not only the political and economic issues were discussed but the common civilizational heritage and considered to be united for tackling common challenge of fighting terrorism, Mr.Modi also suggested for setting up another route for Kailash Mansarovar yatra, the pilgrimage current route has been challenging and on this Mr. Xi has given assurance as the issue has been taken into consideration.

BRICS Summit-2014,Brazil
BRICS Summit-2014,Brazil

The Chinese President presented his views looking forward to work on exemplary projects, infrastructure such as railways, enable more balanced and sustainable trade between both the countries. Mr. Xi Jinping welcomed India to join the new initiative for of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. On the issue of boundary he said that both the countries should manage the differences with an assertive attitude. He said he is looking forward for a fair and reasonable solutions for both the countries at an early date.

Mr.Modi aptly said that new government in New Delhi is willing to learn from China’s economic progress and is more diverted for the economic development.

As this meeting went fructiferous meet we can say that there has been new dawn between the Indo-china relations, newly elected NDA government has begun now to triumph over all the serious issues by resolving solutions to various disputes with countries by cordial means and has made an agenda to work in pace to carve out best solutions to overcome mutual problems like economic development and assist each other for the growth of infrastructure and industrial sectors. Both the countries has emphasized on increasing trade and investment.

As all the issues being considered and both the countries looking forward for the meets in September and November, It is assured that both the countries will overcome all the differences and every petty issue between the countries can be minutely discussed clause by clause, both the countries making pacing for progress and all round development of the countries. We can conclude that this meet has moved both the countries to strengthen the bond and work being united for bright future for both the countries. The strengthening ties between both the countries can assure that this may bring new opportunities for the people and work on increasing and improve the financial conditions prevailing between both the countries.

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