The world of literature is already enticing the youth of India. Be it the novels or the novel-inspired movie, the craze for literature is on the rise. In the public transports, on social media sites and in day-to-day life, the book lovers often find time for their leisure reading and enjoy it.
Universities and colleges are also working in full swing to comply the needs of the new book-lover generation. Kamala Nehru College of Delhi University also maintains a well-facilitated library with hundreds of books. And almost every college does possess an excellent library to cater to the needs of students, academically as well as for leisure reading.But the whole official process of issuing-returning the books and maintenance of records is a complicated process which is worth for academic books. But what about books like Harry Potter, Chetan Bhagat novels and the like? These all come under the category of popular fiction books and are widely read. But not everyone can afford to buy all the wanted books and if one does, and then the issue of keeping all the piled-up books arises.

Kamala Nehru launched a BOOK DRIVE initiative in 2013, and the main aim was to connect all the bibliophiles together to enjoy the reading. The English Department students and teachers have collaborated to form an open-library and thus have placed few drop-boxes around the college campus where students are free to drop in any books that they have read and pick-up any book of their choice which interests them. This allows the whole students community to share their books and also read varied book of their choices available free and easily. This Open Library is one of the attractive features of the Book Club.

The second attraction is that this Book Club also organizes Meet’n’Greets with the authors. This encourages the students with writing or reading flair to be more interested in the club and meet all famous writers and know more about their style of writing. On 19th August 2013, Sid Bahri of The Homing Pigeons fame visited us. He read excerpts from his book, while book club student members asked him a plethora of question related to the book – its characters, publishing world and the like. On 16th September 2013, Devapriya Roy, The author of The Vague Woman’s Handbook also gave us a visit and read and shared a lot from her new book The Weight Loss Club. After the reading and meet sessions, book signing also took place.

Also, joining and becoming a book club member is an easy task. Any stream student can fill-up the registration form and join the book drive. The only expectation from you as a member is to bring in all sorts of book to be kept in the book shelves of the open library. In return, you get wide range books, a rule-free library, free of cost, with few weeks’ deadline to read them up and meeting famous authors serves as the cherry on the cake.

This 2014 session again, the KNC BOOK CLUB is back in action, starting its Book Drive and asking for generous contribution from all students including freshers. Being a part of this Book Club serves the book-addiction of everyone at KNC and also encourages everyone to read and share. Thus, KNC has moved a step-ahead from traditional open-libraries and this must encourage all college students to form their own open-libraries in their specific colleges and enjoy the world of literature whole-heartedly.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Jaskiran.jpg” ]I am Jaskiran Kaur student of Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi, pursuing B.A Hons in English.Working as Campus Reporter at Aapka Times[/author]

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