Meet this former telephone operator who saved 131 migrant workers

The lockdown had extended long due to the spread of global pandemic COVID- 19 has hit the nation and its people everywhere. The migrant workers have been facing a lot worse than others due to the lockdown because of improper transport, shelter, and food essentials.

Each day we hear about the worsening situation for these migrant workers wanting to travel back to their homes. The suspension of railway services on March 31 created a ruckus for the many, but 131 migrant workers in Porapad, Kerala were not hit as hard by the lockdown as it was in other places.

It is these tough times that bring out the extraordinary visions among the common to help those who are in dire need of it. Abdul Khader, who is a former telephone operator in Porapad, Kerela is one such soul who took it upon himself to feed and shelter the migrant workers who had been stuck there due to suspension of transport services and it was he who came to their aid despite the worsening situation of the pandemic.

Many migrant workers from Jharkhand and Bihar were stranded in the small village of Porapad. These migrants were stranded and had no resources and shelter and it was Abdul who came forward and took the initiative of helping them. He had housed them in large halls, provided bathroom, television, fans, etc for their ease.

He also provided them with a good diet of food. Abdul worked in Dubai for forty years and had retired your years ago and had come back to his home village. He had employed migrant workers to work in his fields and upon the announcement of lockdown he did not think twice before helping them and made all the possible arrangements. He had spent around Rs 8,000 per day on the essentials for the workers.

Khader was not at all scared of the virus, and did not retaliate in his initiative and kept feeding the migrant workers. He feels that there is nothing more a person can do in difficult times such as these but to feed a starved soul. The migrant workers owe their immeasurable gratitude to him for saving their lives, as they had nothing to help themselves and if it had not been for him they wouldn’t have made it.

The story of Abdul is a lesson of inspiration to all out there and proves that there is still hope even in these crucially disturbed times. He holds a message that it is the time when the people need our help no matter the cost, it is humanity that must thrive and survive at all costs.

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