Meet This DU Girl Who Is The MTV Roadies Fame

There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits”~Michael Phelps

Veerpal Kaur, from Sangrur of Punjab, walked on the path paved by such motivators, the strongest being her mother, and achieved what she wanted in her life, happiness and contentment at such a young age. She is from SGTB College of Delhi University and was a part of MTV Roadies Rising in 2017.

Kaur sees her mother as the foundation of her childhood and dreams. Her mother was the one who made her children what they are today, without any aid and people’s unwanted advices. Her family was the biggest force behind her passion. They supported her thoroughly and watched every episode of Roadies. She didn’t care what other people said and neither did her family because it was her path of happiness, not theirs. Truly, she did whatought to be done by each and every aspiring human being.

During her childhood, Veerpal’s focus of attention was studies and swimming. She was a regular and punctual student. Like every other child in his fancy, she was influenced and mesmerized by TV programmes like ‘Kaisi Hain Yeh Yaariyan’ and ‘Roadies’. She wanted to be like one of them, dress like them and live like them. She built her own world of dreams in which she was one of those stars. And like someone said, dreaming is the first stage of achievement; she did achieve later in her life what she dreamt of in the childhood.

It seems as if she loves her mother a lot. She talks about the joyous moments when her mother saw the trophies won by the daughter.

The disadvantages of being from a small town, Sirsa, were all covered by the esteemed Delhi University, which gave wings of fire to Kaur like many other students. The maturity lessons, fashion sense, confidence and such positivity came to hug Veerpal as she lived and studied in Delhi. Roadies was another achievement followed by the earlier one. She was a fan of Roadies since childhood and looked up to Rannvijay as her mentor and ideal. The happiness of our Roadie girl can be measured by everyone reading the article and those who know her by her passion for the show.

Here’s a short interview of Veerpal Kaur by Saniya Irfan of Aapka Times:

What advantages you got in Delhi and how did you work on them?

I just do what I love. It might be a little ‘pagalpanti’ though; whatever makes me happy becomes my hobby. Usually I love swimming, outing with friends and family especially during the night hours, attending functions without invitation, yeah I know it sounds funny but it makes me happy. Getting clicked, posting and writing about myself makes me happy that helps me to get rid of the stress.

What obstacles did you have in the journey of Roadies?
The only obstacle was one incident that happened between PI and Culling Round days. Even I talked about it on the show and I’m happy that I overcame that because otherwise I won’t be able to enter that city (Patiala) if it wasn’t one of the destinations of Roadies journey. I felt uncomfortable while visiting Patiala.

What are your plans for future?
I’m not sure about what I’ll be doing in the future, though I’m trying to find out. I’ll complete my graduation first and by that time I’ll definitely get to know what to do.

 How do you manage your studies and Roadies?

I have always managed my studies since my childhood as I was into sports, so I didn’t get much difficulty in doing that during the Roadies journey.

Any inspirational message for our readers?
I had a lot of questions in my mind before Roadie but the things changed after this journey. The only thing I learnt is to never stop questioning yourself and don’t just hold on to your weaknesses, work on them. Inspiration comes from within. Do what makes you happy that’s all I can say. And one last thing, do remind yourself if you are doing something wrong with others, it will definitely cross your path in the nearer future. That’s ‘karma’ so think before what you do.

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