Meet this brave man who is cremating the dead bodies of Corona patients who are not even known to him

The outbreak of the dangerous virus has caused severe outcomes among the whole world. The pandemic has spread its share of threat and suffering among the people, but as always the value of light is highest in times of darkness. Abdul Malabari a man from Surat in Gujrat, has gone beyond any boundaries to help people and show kindness in these times of crises.

Despite all the known risks he is burying and cremating the bodies of the dead, the people who are not even known to him. He has undertaken unclaimed bodies and is doing the cremation as the lockdown has forced their families not allowing them to cremate them properly. It is the humanity that a person is cremated properly and Adbul despite all the dangers didn’t abandon the moral dignity and cremates the unclaimed bodies too.

The health experts have clarified that virus cannot be transmitted after death but it can stay on the clothes and hence many bodies had been left unclaimed, and people didn’t allow and refused to cremate or bury the bodies, but Adbul had reasoned with people and willingly cremated the bodies refusing to leave them as it is. There have been 19 deaths in Surat with an active case of 244 so far.

In the 1990’s when HIV aids were on the verge a stranger Sakina was abandoned in hospital after her death, she was suffering from HIV. All efforts to track her family went in vain, it was Abdul Malabari who came forward then and held her a proper burial. It was a month when her body lied in the morgue, it was then Abdul recognized his efforts and how important his deeds were. Since then it has been three decades and his job more of a service to humanity continues to this date. He was only 21 then and was touched by the advert and decide to help.

He started a charity then that would help bury and cremate the bodies despite their religions and initially his family which is into the textile business was against it. He told his family, “I remember telling them how Islam says its every citizen’s duty to help and carry out a person’s final journey out of humanity and respect. I was just doing that as a fellow human being.”

There is a wave of fear among people today due to COVID-19 and hence it is the time that requires his actions more than anything. His efforts have not been in vain his charity has grown to 35 volunteers with almost 1500 donors. It is hard to express the problems faced by him but it is more an act of kindness glorifying the humanity that the world needs in tough times.

Abdul Malabari is a classic hero in times of the corona outbreak. He sleeps in his office away from his family for their safety. His actions speak a lot about his noble intentions and his story is an inspiration a ray of hope for all of us. 


Image courtesy: BBC

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