May I help you? ; Jadavpur University Students helping in admission process

Every year summer in Kolkata reaches its highest degrees of centigrade and along with that fresh hot admissions into colleges. Gone were those times when students had to literally travel distances for making it to take just the forms of universities or say, just to discover a whole set of colleges. Now everything is online, digital India though. At Jadavpur University  admissions procedure are two folded-

1. The administration
2. Student Helpdesks

After the online detailing of the administrative work, rest dependency goes upon the Helpdesks. These helpdesks are manned by the students of different political wings established at JU.

Though a strenous work to do but done with dedication, the students takes out the lists and tables chair, set it up against the Char no. gate of JU and solves each and every problem of the aspirants. Routinely each day helpdesks are set up for the aspirants at kolkata heat.
For the aspirants, the helpdesks really prove fruitful, they find it extra productive to be helped by experienced seniors and feels confident.
Not only the online procedures of filling forms, the aspirants are also offered with question papers and free tutions at JU by the helpdesks for the upcoming entrances and trains them.

Helpdesks- Revealations
Although been a tradition of setting up of helpdesks each year, there has to be some of the revealations about the ugly parts of the helpdesks. Each political wing set it up for the necessary arrangements of the aspirants but is that the only goal management?
JU is a politically diverse campus so elections are vital for such a campus. The summer sees the admissions and the winters hold elections. These helpdesks are a useful part of political campaigns as well as for the elections. Each wing wants to approach the freshers with their help for the sake of votes or turning them to potential activists to join their legacies.
Unlikely of such revealations, the helpdesks though does a lot for the fresher, taking them to offices, documentation errors, interviews and the list goes on, with the summers followed by the rains, starts the orientation- a new chapter of a jadavpurian.

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