Kerala Muslims Calls Out Against Isis

Amidst the shock caused by Bangladesh’s terror attack by ISIS, Kerala Muslims reacted in the best possible way. Thousands of Sunni Muslims from different parts of Kerala endorsed the pledge declaring the atrocities committed by ISIS not only un-Islamic but anti-Islamic.

 The meeting was organised by Ma’din Academy, an educational center in Malappuram where a large number of Sunni Muslims gathered and attended prayer and peace conference.
In a chorus, the pledge said “even as we take pride in being Muslim,we respect and honor all other faiths and their followers .We will keep a continuous vigil against forces such as the IS that works to destroy the oneness of humanity”
 Sayed Ibrahim Bukhari , chairman of the academy in his key address said “ the horrific atrocities of self proclaimed caliphs of ISIS violate the fundamental principles of Islam. They are not just un-Islamic ,rather anti Islamic” . He further added the speech by saying ‘ Islam embodies love, tolerance, and respect for all. the barbarous deeds of the IS, like killing innocents and persecuting women and children, have tarnished islam. we will not allow them to hijack our faith” 

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