LOST CALLAHAN; a story of a lost girl by a lost writer from Jesus and Mary College of DU

Aaksa Karuna Shah, a young woman writer from Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi explored the psychological depths of life of a woman in India. Her novel Lost Callahan was published in July 2015 by Partridge India but it remained unnoticed for more than a year. The writer Aaksa Karuna Shah has confessed below the hard work, pain and the struggle she went through while getting her work published. It would give an insight to what it takes to be a first a writer, then an overlooked writer.
“I sat down to write that day not thinking about anything, I kept writing and after four years, thought that it was finally complete. Lost Callahan had become my dream and it came true when it first came in my hands. It’s an emotionally twisted tale of a girl who finds herself lost in the darkness within herself that she loses who she really was and becomes an empty soul. Meanwhile, the people around her who knew her and loved her try to find her. In literal terms, she having dissociative disorder makes her forget herself and who she was. She leaves home not knowing that she actually left her own house and her life. This bothers her friend Saphy who is the main person behind the mission to find her lost friend. It’s not just a story about finding Emerald but it’s a story about everyone who at some point in their lives lose the value of their loved ones. Because it’s only after you lose, is when you learn to value.
This tale has a mixture of all identities in a society and as words play along. The book plays along with you in sync and rhythm through flashbacks and long lost memories into the reality and the truth about what is found after lost. What it is to lose and then have it come back through a miracle. Lost Callahan is one such story that I loved writing as much as reading.
Talking about the sensitivity about psychological imbalance. Most people treat it as mental problem. Through Lost Callahan my motive is to make people aware that they too feel and think. Being in a family with a grandmother who suffered from the same disorder and having lost her due to wrong treatment, I felt deeply about it and thus dedicated this book to her. She deserved much more than she got. Lost Callahan gave me not only the title of an author but it gave me and meaning to life. This book is closest to my heart and will be. Although, I duly respect criticism and a difference in perspective. I hope this book helps you too the way it helped me.”
You can find the book on Amazon and Flipkart.

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