Kochi to get India’s first transgender school

Now, Kochi which is the commercial capital of Kerela will be home to India’s first transgender school named Sahaj International School. This was announced by the transgender model Maya Menon, Vijayaraja Mallika, Faisal CK on December, 15.The school will be inaugurated on December,30  by an LGBTQ activist Kalki Subramaniam.

This school will be a residential transgender school accommodating 10 transgender. The students will be studying under National Open School System. The students were various sections of the transgender community comprising one disabled and one being migrant. The school will be led by six transgender working with TransIndia Foundation.

Vijayaraja Mallika who played an important role to make this idea shape into a reality said “In the beginning we have a few sponsors supporting us, we are planning to seek financial help from the government after promoting worthiness.” The schools also had to face a lot of difficulties before come into being. “They had to face difficulty while finding a place to start the school, in this process they were turned down by at least 50 building owners.” Said Vijayaraja. At last a Christian organisation lend the land on lease for construction of school showing it’s support.

Faisal mentioned most of the transgender were made or almost compelled to leave the state and flew to others and end up as sex workers and beggars. Vijayaraja said “The aim of transgender school is to provide transgender security, salvation and sustainability.”

A survey done by Kerala government showed that majority of the transgender community had not attended the school after 9th class. This school will give them a chance for them to join school again. The school is volunteered by a pool of teachers and social workers, activists. The school will also provide other skill development techniques.


(Written by:Ashish)

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