1. Oil Up Your Eggs

Just brush the egg shells with vegetable or olive oil before refrigerating so that it stays fresh and healthy for additional week or two. Crack that up and make yourself a healthy and fresh Benedict!


2. Spoon the Ginger

It might be a bumpy ride peeling ginger off with a knife, but if peeled with a spoon, it is faster and there is no wastage! Did it boggle your mind? Yeah, mine too.


3. Keep your stock of Apples and Potatoes together.

The ethylene acids in apples keep potatoes away from sprouting.


4. Revive the crunchiness from stale and soggy chips.

Just heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds, and hear the crunch with every bite.


5. Squeeze the citrus fruits with ease.

Ever had the messy encounters with lemon juice all over you? Worry no more! Heat the fruits in microwave for few seconds, peel them off, and voila! You will have a mess reduced citrus experience!


6. Egg shell removal made easy.

Add baking soda or vinegar in the water when boiling eggs, and see those egg shells come out with ease. The vinegar and baking soda helps the egg white to repel from the skin.


7. Scrap the seeds away from Lemon Juices.

Now, instead of using your favorite Urban Kitchen set, just wrap the lemon in muslin cloth and give it a squeeze. And you will experience the most effortless lemonade ever.


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