Bengaluru: Karnataka government is soon going to set up the smart and the virtual classes. The minister of Karnataka said that to achieve the quality enrichment of teaching and learning processes through technological intervention, he will soon set up smart classes first at high grade colleges.
Higher education minister R V Deshpande said that the plan is afoot to establish the smart class rooms in all the government first grade colleges across the state.
Deshpande also said that the e-content in the form of video lectures, eBooks, audio books and lecture notes, pertaining to the undergraduate course syllabus, extra-curricular programmes and personality development will be available online as Open Course Ware and can also be downloaded. He also pointed the virtual classes as the second mode. The E-content will be downloaded and will be distributed to all the government first-grade colleges and will be made available to students and staff which can be accessed through computers and mobile handsets via wireless LAN.
The smart class room project has been considered the pilot project, and it going to set up in almost 50 government first-grade colleges. He also added that the Smart classrooms will also be set up in other government colleges in a phased manner.
Deshpande also said that this measure is intended to supplement the traditional course delivery system which will enable the students to access useful online Open Course Ware content offline and bypass the bottleneck of text book production. Wireless local area network which helps in accessing the stored e-content has been set up in a hundred government first-grade colleges across the state.

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