Is Literature Replica of the Culture?

Society and literature share a relationship of mother and a fetus in her womb. A society is like a mother who nurtures the literature as its own child. Whatsoever takes place within the margins of society is depicted in the four but expansive walls of literature. Precisely, it contains the records of historical events of social cultures, customs and evolution of human nature over centuries through novels, parables, poetries, monologues and literary criticisms etc. It would not be deceitful to say that literature in itself is a reproduction of the society independent of ethnicity.

Every realm has its own written piece of work for example; African, English, Indian, British literature and so on. In order to comprehend one’s own nation and culture, reading its own written works is the appropriate way to do so. As, literature is divided into number of genres all unfolding the different phases of human nature go through, all derived from the reality of the society and imagination of the writers. It is the spectacle which adds to reality, it does not simply describe it but then again enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become. It guides us throughout the life to cope up with the problematic times through the actions of the fictional characters. At a greater level, it deals with the human psyche and hence a quest for truth.

Writers, poets, intellectuals, social groups, people across the world stay connected through the literature as they all focus on the limitations of the society to regenerate it with a reviving literary movement. For instance, an Indian novelist, R.K. Narayan emphasized on the children psychology in an around during the British Civilization in India in Swami and Friends. Also, William Shakespeare, ultimate writer in English language, in his play Othello exposes the racism and challenges the notion of love and trust concerning the two lovers as a universal truth for human nature. Such writers belonging to different nationality are united by the urge to point out and reform the follies of human understanding. Henceforward, it can thus be concluded that literature is inseparable from the society as they both belong to the main stream dependent on each other and then breeding themselves.

[author image=”” ]Nishi Dangi is pursuing English literature in Bharati College, Delhi University, Delhi. [/author]

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