Interview with Geet Sharma,new sensation in TV industry

Geet Sharma aka Nidhi is another new entry to the B town. Within a time span of few months, she bagged the opportunity to work with the leading channels and their cast & crew, four times in a row. She has worked as a young sister, college pal and has been a part of popular TV serial like Kumkum Bhagya on Zee tv, Love by Chance, The list of Varun Thakur on Mtv Indies and Ye jawani tara re re on V channel.

Geet Sharma(left) with sonali bendre(right)
Geet Sharma(left) with Sonali Bendre(right)

The young actress is not just focused about her work but ambitious as well. Life OK’s Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh, is her upcoming show in which she is playing the role of Sonali Bendre’s friend. She is much excited about her newly signed role and says “I am very happy and excited because I am sure when this show will go on air ,mass will be going to recognize me.” In a small interview, she told us

Sonakshi: “To hail from the land of Amritsar, to the city of dreams, Mumbai”, How was your journey ?
Geet Sharma: The journey was amazing and full of experiences. As some wise human has said, “Hardwork aur mehnat pays off”. In a similar way, the day and night auditions’ struggle paid off and help me grab great opportunities to enact and work with the leading Indian channels.

Sonakshi: Is there any objection from your family’s side ?
Geet Sharma: Are No. No! Not at all. Infact, They are very supportive. They don’t raise objection for short Dresses. My family wants me to go head and be successful with a good name.

Sonakshi:How was your school life ? Do you admire make up things since school days or is it a recent hobby ?
Geet Sharma: My school life was good. Later when I moved to Goa, I completed my schooling from there.
And this makeup stuff ? I just hate it! I love and respect the inner beauty a person has and for the outer world, my smile is my make up.

Sonakshi:What are your future plans?
Geet Sharma: to grow as a successful actress in Bollywood industry.

Sonakshi:Where do you find peace at ?
Geet Sharma: Dargah.
Ok! Your expression seems strange but don’t be puzzled. I believe in every religion and preach God at Gurudwaras and temples. But I own a peace connection with dargah. Even I couldn’t relate it, the only thing I know is that I attain peace there.

Sonakshi:Which role do you admire as your dream role, one that u wish to play.
Geet Sharma: I admire to act in a double role and as a mother.

Sonakshi:Your relationship status ?
Geet Sharma: Hahahaha..I m single and not ready to mingle. I think I m too yoing to handle this relationship stuff and want to focus on my career at this point of time.

Sonakshi:If you could meet someone in this whole wide world. Who he/she will be? May be dead or alive ?
Geet Sharma: I would love u meet Madhubalaji and tell her how beautiful she seems to me
Apart from acting, she has pose out for some clothing brands and enjoys every bit of these print shoots. She even loves to spend her leisure time with her Apple Gadgets.

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