JNU students celebrate Diwali with underprivileged children

New Delhi:

  • 24:10:2014

Everyone wish to light up their houses and remove darkness. Unfortunately there are lots of homes where on this auspicious occasion also they remain full of darkness. Don’t they have a right to celebrate Diwali?? Yes! Definitely they have but they can’t…The reason is their incapability and our system which makes them paralyzed.

On Thursday, when people of the country were celebrating the festival of lights with sweets, firecrackers and rangolis with their families and relatives, a group of students from Jawaharlal Nehru University proved that a small initiative can make a difference. They decided to celebrate Diwali in a slightly different way, as they headed down to meet the underprivileged children around University area to celebrate Diwali with those children and their families. JNU students distributed sweets and chocolates as a part of Diwali celebration.

“It really gives us immense pleasure like never before to celebrate it with STREET UNNOTICED CHILDREN AND FAMILIES, a special thanks goes to the person who wanted to celebrate this Diwali in this way and we have just helped him to do such great deeds. We salute his thought and deeds…We hope everybody do such things. Celebrate every festival in a unique way.” tells Sant Prakash.

“They are not even capable of so called do waqt ki roti, how can we expect them to celebrate Diwali like us? So we decided to celebrate this with such people just to bring a moment of happiness in the face of those for whom such festivals remain curse because they can’t celebrate it like us, although we alone can’t bring happiness permanently…Just tried a bit!” shares another JNU student, Anand Ranjan.

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