India’s first momo festival..

The India’s first momo festival the daylong event ‘yeh dil maange more’ had been scheduled in chanakyapuri on oct 4 from noon till 9 am.Momo true lovers have reason to salvo with the city engine up to grown up momo festival which coordinators affirmed is the first of its kind.Antecedently coordinate as a ‘momo trail’ or a ‘momo walk’ in amar colony, the occurent take up superior outcome on social media, pursuing which the coordinators said they came up with the plan of coordinating a momo festival for the entire city.

”We are enthusiastic for trying new things and are always ascertain optimum things to do in the city for our gobuzzinga assemblage through overspring referral and treated events.”

The festival would endeavored to get the best momos from the boulevard vendors and restaurants who happen to be the partners of the coordinators.Beverages would also be served tp the momo true lovers and their evening would be spice dup with live music, lice graffiti, and live sessions of momo making for the brainsick ”momo partisan”.

The purpose of the event was to conformed all the momo lovers, which could not have been executable through a walk at a specific place.The event had assessed to prelude up a beamy reach of dumplings – fried, tandoori, steamed, marinated in butter, afghani and full with fillings like as vodka, chocolate among others.The coordinator said that they are making a ‘momo heaven’ by serving the best from all over Delhi on one footboard along with some vivacious extravaganza.

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