Indian authors and their splendid works

India has been home to many cultures, languages, art forms, and is widely known for its diversity. It is home to many profound authors of Indian origin who has given the world some of their best works and have been mesmerized for their writing skills and ability to connect to the readers.

No doubt books play a very vital role in the nourishment of the mind and soul of a person. Hence we must read the maximum number of books as that helps us grow, learn new things, positivity, and much more.

It is us humans who can read and understand, and there’s no better reason to as why should you do this more often. When you enter the world of a reader, there’s just so much more to learn and explore.

The art of writing has progressed over the ages, but some writers have just made their mark in history forever. These authors have changed many lives, felt up the lives of people for whom they write. It’s not a matter of genre but the magical ability of an extraordinary person who connects to your heart through his words.

Here’s a list of some of the most cherished Indian authors who have already cast a spell on their readers-

Ruskin Bond

Bond is one of the most popular and well know author, cherished by all age groups. He has the exact words that will take you on a train ride through your childhoods. He grew up in Dehradun, and the fresh breeze of mountains, the intimate nature of people, and the love for writing is a frequent feeling for his readers.


  1. The Room on the Roof
  2. The Blue Umbrella
  3. Delhi is not far

Salman Rushdie

There are very few people who can pull off fictional magic and historical realism, and Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie is one of these scarce authors. His writing style can engulf your mind into the actual scenario that he writes. He is so good at what he does that Queen Elizabeth II, in 2007 knighted him with the title “Sir.”


  1. The Wizard of Oz
  2. Midnight’s Children
  3. Shalimar, the clown

Khushwant Singh (1915-2014)

One of the most talented and versatile Indian authors of all time. He was also a lawyer, journalist, diplomat, and former politician. Admired for his love of sarcasm humour and poetry, he had received Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhusan in 1974 and 2007.


  1. Train to Pakistan
  2. Delhi: A novel
  3. The end of India

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