An emotional letter to Sushant Singh Rajput by his fan

Dear Sushant Singh Rajput

Its soon going to be three months ever since you left here I am, yet another fan among those millions who still find it difficult to accept the fact that you don’t exist anymore. you weren’t the man I was born with neither the one I knew you. You were just another star in the sky filled with glamour and at that very moment when we lost you, I, in the sky found the northern star and realized there you were the northern star one that was same to all the other but one that worked better, one that was authentic, one that would guide through darkness one that is always present.

I hold you in my memory from way before you made in Bollywood, I remember you as a guy who came from my birthplace, one that made in television as Manav from Pavitra Rishta, yes the one that used to come on zee my grandmother use to watch it and I have the memory of watching you, sitting next to my grandmother asking her what is going on all the time. I was twelve then I won’t say I was a fan then. Five years later when you made it to Bollywood, I would recall you with the name of Manav.

Back in 2016, when you came as MS DHONI – The untold story of you left a mark that was Sushant Singh Rajput to me, an actor in Bollywood, not the television actor Manav. This was the impact of that one movie for me I went to watch it thrice with different people that much was the love for you, for Sushant Singh Rajput. I am sorry for not being a great fan of yours until MS Dhoni happened but after that, there was no looking back. I have watched you in the theater with my heart in it.

MS Dhoni made me your fan and Chichorre made me fall in love with you after all Ani is a sweetheart anyone would love to have someone who is like him, one that would bind people other as a team I very precisely remember I had an injured ankle after my football semifinal match and with that injured ankle I went to see you in theater the very next day when the movie was released, this one always stays close to me no matter what comes and go.

You taught me that at times one needs to look back at everything in their life so that they can see what all they have earned, its okay to slow down your pace and look around being someone who tried is far better than the one who never ran for the race. I am proud of Ani and you for doing justice, for giving Ani life, for making it beyond a character that dances on the screen.

In the case of Dil Bechara, words are less to define this one work of yours. I watched it a week late, I was scared to accept the fact that you don’t exist anymore and this is the last time I was an admirer, a fan would see you that to not on the big screen. It took a week to adjust this fact and when I finally watched, I was left with sorrow, about the fact that is hard to believe that you aren’t anymore between us but I am glad I watched it, I saw you smiling for the one last time you were doing what you did best in real life as well as the movie – acting. After watching the movie Dil Bechara the journey of your life in my eyes has completed as I finish the movie, I bid farewell to Sushant Singh Rajput I am a fan of.

Thank you for leaving us with this one last story of yours. Just like a generation has fallen for Shah Rukh Khan, I hope and pray a generation would have fallen for you from television to the movie industry. You, my northern star would stay no matter who comes and goes, right there in the sky full of stars you’ll be the one twinkling differently in the world of glamour just the way you did here.

With love,

Just Another fan

Saloni  Upadhyay

Written by: Saloni Upadhyay, She is an undergraduate student of English literature from Amity University. She has a keen eye for poetry and writing articles for moving the youngsters towards a better and critical thought process. She being a fan girl pours her heart out for Sushant.

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