” How India will become a developed nation ”

India is currently a developing nation. For India to become a developed nation from developing nation ,we should know certain things or points which classify a nation into underdevoloped,developing and devoloped .These points are the sectors which are considered backbone for any nation and are essential for to become weathy and prosperous nation .Some of these points or sectors :- Education Sector ,Trade ,Agricultural Sector , National and Per Capita Income , Poverty and Employment Level , Level of Standard of living ,etc .

On the basis of above points India comes under the catogery of Devoling Nation due to Its huge dependence on agriculture sector of about 55 percent and Low Employment in Industry and Service Sector of about 20 and 25 % , Its Bad Infrastructure , Its Bad Financial Sector, Its high Unemployment and Poverty Level , Its low National and Per Capita Income as compared to other countries , Its low level of standard of living and huge income inequalities from Ambani to a Rural
Villager , Various Discriminations and Social Evils in the Society like Corruption , Terrorism , etc.

So India in order to become a Devoloped Nation from Devoloping Nation should remove various discrimations and socials evils occuring in today’s society and It shoultd try to improve its various sectors like Financial Sector by Opening more and more banks and they should provide loan at very nominal or low rate and these banks should be opened especially in rural areas as they do not have proper banking facility , Education sector by Increasing No. Of Educational Institutions and educational quality should be such that it can compete at international level , Transport by increasing roads,railway networks and sea and air ports because india does not have a proper transport system it can be known from the fact that Some parts of Eastern States and Norther Parts of Jammu&Kashmir are not well connected to India , Health Sector by increasing No. of Doctors, Medical Colleges,etc. , Various Schemes should be Launched By Govt.

To Remove Poverty,Unemployment,etc. , Occupation structure should be changed and it should focus mainly on Industry and Service Sector than Agricultural Sector as Industry and Service sector has a lot of scope in the upcoming future , In Trade India should adopt liberal Trade policy in export and import , India Should launch one more Green Revolution for All Crops to boost Agricultural producation so that India can achieve self sufficiency in food and in the last the Govt. Of India should take special steps to remove the new issue s which are raising day by day in the society like terrorism , corruption ,
bribery , women safety , etc .

These Steps are not difficult for India but it can be achieved with the help of the common effort of Govt. And Society . If these both will work together then India can become a ” Golden Eagle ” again which it was in the past .


Submitted by:
Mohd Azeem
Jamia Millia Islamia

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