India celebrates 68th Independence Day

India, our motherland attained freedom 68 years ago on 15th August 1947. Today, India is celebrating the 68th Independence day.
It is our national festival and whole nation celebrates it with immense happiness and joy. Flag Hoisting is done all across the places and whole nation remembers the freedom fighters and soldiers whose contribution to our freedom movement is very important.
Long back, from 1947 India started its journey, the journey of development and is still rapidly moving towards development. Also, In the last 68 years, India has improved a lot.
But, then too, one cannot deny the fact that today also our nation is not free from poverty, illiteracy, corruption and inequality. There are many schemes for the upliftment of poors, but they are not implemented the way they should at the ground level.
The Right to free and compulsory education act (RTE) 2009 states that the children between 6 to 14 years must get free and compulsory education. But, is every child of India getting free education?
Several rules have been implemented to reduce corruption. Right to information is one of them. But, few people who are a part of these anti-corruption schemes are themselves corrupt.
Our constitution says that each and every person of the country must be treated equally and no discrimination should be made on the basis of caste, creed, sex, language, color, etc. But, the few politicians are always trying to play dirty politics and divide the people of nation on the basis of religions and god.
Independence comes from within and it is a journey. India may be free from Britishers but it is not free from social evils like corruption, illiteracy, poverty, etc. India is still moving towards Independence. And fortunately one day the journey of attaining complete Independence will be over. The day when this happens, India will become the most powerful nation of the world.
People of India, where is your patriotism lost?
Just by cheering Indian cricket team you don’t become patriotic. Come on. Let us start doing whatever we can to reduce corruption, illiteracy and other social evils from our motherland, and gain the real independence.
Jai Hind…!!!

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