There’s a bright future for all

With Delhi University set to declare its first cut off on 25th June, the admission stress is mounting higher and higher. Though many young aspirants are curiously waiting for the admission process to take off, those who could not score well due to different possible circumstances neend not lose hope! There are many opportunities as good and equivalent to getting admission in a top university.
Here are a few options for those who could not fare well in their board exams:
• If you always like dressing up nicely and know what the latest trend in fashion industry is and can understand the needs of the people, you can join a course in fashion designing. An undergraduate course would cost you 5-7 thousand rupees.
• If you see beauty in simple things around you, you appreciate technology, and have the sense of colors, join a course in photography and take up a similar course for graduation through distance learning or by enrolling in a university programme.
• If you think you have it in you, join a course in performing arts like acting, music or dance.
• If you have a pleasing personality and good communication skills, join a flight crew course. You can always pursue your graduation through correspondence to better your qualification.
• If you like to help people and like biology, you can be a paramedic or even an occupational therapist.
• You can even join a computer courses like tally and pursue an undergraduate degree course. You can get a job as a data entry operator in accounts, you can work with the auditors of the company.
• If you always wanted to write about things, you can join a mass communication institute. You can get into media as a journalist or get into the advertising industry or corporate communications.
• If you like a certain sport, join a professional academy and better your skills and pursue your graduation side by side, through correspondence or apply to various universities through sports quota.
• If you want to get into a technical line, you can join an ITI( Industrial Training Institute). The objective of ITI is to provide technical manpower to industries. After you complete your training, you are eligible to appear in the AITT ( All India Trade Test) conducted by NCVT( National Council for Vocational Training).
So friends, don’t be disheartened at all. You have various options open based upon your interests.
Marion Bradley once said, ” The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveller than the road built in despair, though both lead to the same destination “.

[author image=”” ]Hi, I am Ruhani Sethi. I am pursuing Bachelors in Business Economics from Gargi College. I have a keen interest for writing besides being a readoholic. Social issues appeal to me the most. I intend to do something big for the world, as big as a revolution!!.[/author]

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