Maggi is banned, hearts are weeping

The ban of 2-minutes maggi noodle loses head of people in 2-minutes. Maggi samples has been found to contain monosodium glutamate (MSG) and lead in excessive amount, as it can slowly kill the person. Currently, it has banned in Kerala, Delhi and Uttarakhand. Maggi… Easy to cook and cheap in price has become the essence of people’s livelihood. Banning of this 2-minutes snack leads to disappointment among hostellers, children, army men and of every age group. Their each and every day starts with this snack and no other noodles taste better than this. It has been one of the most popular snacks and it’ll be very hard to give up this snack. And banning can also be doubted as whether it really concerns the health of the people. Few years ago abandoned of cold drinks hits on every news channel. Their must be periodic test of all commercial brand. Why only maggi, other brands are just as unsafe.

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