Farewell – to the amazing years of college life!

With the semester coming to its end and the yearlong preparations are to be tested in the upcoming exams, the third year students have another thing on their minds other than exams. The Farewell. Yes, the third years of all colleges, who have had a great time in these three years of their college life are waiting for the farewell with mixed feelings.
Although the farewell ceremony officially is about bidding goodbye to the awesomeness of college life and everything that is a part of it – academically and otherwise, but for a student the farewell becomes an event of great importance. No matter what is the situation of your college life right now in the last semester, maybe you are under great pressure of preparing for your university exams, and preparing for other exams as well, but to be honest, the charm of farewell cannot be tarnished by anything.
Farewell becomes the official reminder for a student that he or she is going to leave his or her college in few weeks. Not only will you miss the college, your friends and maybe studies but you will miss every single detail about it. All of us will miss our early morning races to get in the 9 am lecture class, the irritating time of traveling in crowded buses and metro, waiting impatiently for autos and rickshaws, running to grab the last benches to snooze off during boring classes, use the college Wi-Fi for all purposes other than academic ones, clicking selfies in college, chilling in the ground, having amazing canteen foods, celebrating and participating in department and annual fests, making friends with juniors and seniors, checking out crushes, planning group studies, visits to amazing cafes and shopping spots with friends, photocopying entire syllabus before exams, crying in front of teachers for internal marks, whispering in the library while studying, having discussions about future with friends, taking advices from teachers and of course the joy of bunking classes whenever one feels like, these are some of the amazing things about college life that each and every student will miss after the college gets over.
So be it a 9 am class or a 4 pm class, be it the most boring lecture or a really hot day, just make use of these last college life days. Go and eat your favorite canteen food, go and make up with all fellow students you had a grudge with, tell your teachers how grateful you are, click loads of pictures, go out with your friends, make friends with people you always wanted to talk to, have fun and cherish the last semester.And on the day of farewell, be proud, dress beautifully and hug each one of your friends and thank everyone who has been a part of your college life. Do prepare a farewell speech for all your loved ones. These days will never come back.

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