#LogKyaSochenge Syndrome

Why is the hashtag bothering our eyes in the heading? Well, don’t you know it is a trending topic! Might not be quite a trend on Facebook or twitter or any other social networking site. But it is a trend that has been going on between us. And not only has it begun now, but this has been going since the time India has evolved. Well, it was predominant in other countries as well, but as you all know they know how to MOVE ON from a bad relationship, while we on the other hand can go on being a dumb spectator. Because, come on, Log Kya Sochenge?
Dreams once escalated through the dark doors, mind wasn’t clogged but the ideas all shattered on one push of Log Kya Kahenge!
I am not an Atheist, I am just a non-believer of Idol Worship. I find peace in Gurudwara(also the Karha Prashad) but I have been stopped by millions to not to offend my own religion. When asked about the reason, nobody had a single clue. Log Kya Kahenge?
She was a hopeless romantic, she loved the concept of love. She fell in love with the perfect man. Someone who would treat her like a crown on his head and give her all the happiness in the world. She grew old, with the slaps of her parents and living under the heap of rumours. The man wanted to marry her, but their Kundli didn’t match, and what didn’t match further was their parents living with an ego of not choosing their son’s or daughter’s bride or groom respectively. She was a Brahmin, he was a Kayastha. They couldn’t get married, because again.. Log Kya Sochenge?
Karan wanted to pursue music, guitar was his drug, and drums were his part of existence. He wanted to be that life of a band, where he would earn through the melody of the strings and also find peace through the beat of the drums. But his parents forced him to take science and join FIITJEE. He crash landed miserably and always got to hear one thing. “Beta abhi quit na karo.. Log Kya Kahenge?” And he was devastated. Inside he became a shattered piece of crockery and died for every minute of everyday.
And further more there are other million stories that our India has of the ultimate hypocrisy and double standards at its extreme. It is not that I am not one of them. I have talked behind people’s back and also held myself for a lot of things in which I shouldn’t have. I want to travel the world, write good poetry, sip the world’s best coffee, eat amazing food and explore as much as I can. But alas, we are all bound to an epidemic called as #LogKyaSochengeSyndrome.
[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Anokhi-Dasgupta.jpg” ]I am Anokhi Dasgupta,a short girl, with tall and big dreams. My passion is writing and travelling. Being a Bengali, singing is also something I enjoy doing, standing on the stereotypes. My aim is to eat, write and love. A social network, junkie, my half of the life is dedicated to facebook, instagram and Youtube. And I can keep talking till the world ends. 😀 Please let me know your views, and feel free to follow me on twitter @AnokhiD, Mail to: anokhionelove@gmail.com,Facebook: www.facebook.com/anokhid, Instagram: @anokhionelove [/author]

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