Editing Workshops for student Indie film makers: Clever Creative

The advent of film editing in India Cinema has completely transformed in last one decade. In the era of $0 art house films and evolution of non-linear editing& FX, video editing has become way easier unlike what it used to be in 1990s. To promote this arena, first annual FX and Editing workshop, an initiative by The Education Tree was organized in Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies on 24th and 25th April.

The two days’ workshop was conducted by Mr. Ansh Aggarwal who is an advertiser and graphic artist at Brainwiz. The workshop targeted young minds with an intention to provide them significant skills. The sessions were aimed to provide basic to enticing content such as 3D rendering, Chroma Keying etc.

“From this two days’ workshop, I can now edit fiction films and Documentaries” – Manas Dewan, first year BJMC student. This lands the main agenda of the workshop in success i.e student indie film makers, being able to edit their own films.

The tools in FX and Editing softwares are complex, thus one requires a mentor to learn and master this craft. Since diploma courses for same are lengthy and expensive, such workshopsare designed by The Education Tree at very nominal pricing i.e `200.

“These workshops shall be organized every year, as it broadens the horizons of Video editing beyond books for the students”- Ashima Gureja, Assitant Prof. at VIPS.

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