An engaging event was organized by Remanika Narula Makeover in collaboration with the NGO ‘We For People’ at  Peeragarhi,Delhi on 2nd May, 2015. The poor figures of literacy rates combined with the terrible quality of education, shabby work and living conditions in slums, the lack of medical care, the lack of support for women and the throbbing amount of social issues are no news to the poor who dwell in slums.

The day began with demonstrations and advices by about how body should be maintained healthy. The basic advices were given for keeping hygiene about washing the face 8 times a day and applying shampoo to the hair 3 times a week.

The children present at the event were very excited when they were demonstrated how to apply eyeliner. They even volunteered for appliance of the eyeliner. The important advise given to the children was that at such a young age only kajal and lip gloss should be applied.

As a token of love, little goodie bags packed with snacks were given to the children. The event concluded successfully with lots of pictures being clicked with the people and children present at the event.

Make up artist Remanika Narula provides all types of make ups ,hair styling and nail arts .She is here to make the girls feel good and look good. She feels that cosmetics not only  enhance natural beauty but also builds confidence in everyday.The event aimed at creating awareness for hygiene among the adults and children who had arrived and also for the welfare of the society.


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