Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) gets new office bearers

Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) election was held on 27-08-2015 (Thursday) for the office of President and 15 members of Executive Committee- 2015-2017 and the result was declared on the same day.For the presidential post Prof. Nandita Narain(DTF)(2390 votes) defeated V.S. Negi(NDTF)(2164 votes) by a short margin of 225 votes.

List of newly elected DUTA Executive Committee members (descending order of votes):

1. Sunil Kumar NDTF
2. Anil Sharma NDTF
3. Rajesh Jha AAD
4. Sandeep UTF
5. Seema Das AAD
6. Bhupinder Chowdhury DTF
7. C S Rawat AAD
8. Rajiv Verma AAD-Rathi
9. A M Khan INTEC
10. Vijaya Venkatraman DTF
11. Angad Tiwari DTF
12. Vivek Mohan DTF
13. Shambunath Dubey NDTF
14. Sunil Kayasth INTEC
15. Ashok Yadav NDTF

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