Rakshabandhan: A Muslim’s Perspective

Lucky are those who have siblings in their family. We fight with them, we laugh with them, we laugh on them, we cry with them, we share things with them. Sometimes they are our best friends and sometimes they are our biggest enemies. We hate them, we love them and we care the most about them. The bond between brothers and sisters is one of the most special and sacred. Rakshabandhan is a festival which celebrates the beautiful bond between a brother and a sister. This festival celebrates the sanctity of one of the purest bonds. Sisters tie rakhis on their brothers’ hand and the brothers promise them to keep them safe from all kinds of problems and troubles coming their way. This Hindu festival is a mark of the amicable love among sisters and their brothers.

The Islamic point of view towards it is similar to that of any other festival celebrated by anyone of any other religion. Each religion should be respected and followers should be treated with as much dignity as followers of Islam itself. It clearly advises us not to follow it though but at the same time it dictates us to let others follow what they wish for.

A Muslim’s take on Rakshabandhan is actually quite beautiful. Since the relation which Is being celebrated it one of the most important and special ones so it really feels exquisite to see it. A brother swearing in to protect his sister(s) from all evil is heart-warming and admirable. The sweetness this occasion brings is unmatchable. There is no pomp and show as in the case of Diwali or Holi. It is much peaceful and silently joyful.

Rakshabandhan’s origins date back to the Mughal period which compliments that it was a secular festival. It gives out a message of love and peace which echoes throughout our lives. It gives us a chance to ponder upom the untouched feelings we possess for siblings which get hidden among all the other momentarily ones. The bond which has every kind of feelings and emotions in it but still the love and care for each other prevails. It is a pristine bond and hence a marvellous festival.

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