Delhi University Teachers’ Association condemns the tragic incident of the lynching of a 50 year old man in Dadari

The Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) Executive in its meeting held on 5 October 2015 unanimously expressed complete shock and condemned the tragic incident in Bisara village in Dadari, of the lynching of a 50 year old man and beating of his son on 28th September. It is extremely shocking that the mob which took away the life of this man was pushed into a frenzy by rumors that the family had eaten beef. This terrible incident reveals the growing climate of hate being spread in this country to undermine the social fabric of communal harmony in the country. The teachers’ body calls upon each and everyone to come together to foil such hate campaigns and not allow polarization on communal lines. The DUTA demands immediate action against the accused so that the politics of hate is not allowed to succeed.

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