Delhi mass protest against rape after 6 years !

On 15th April 2018, NOT IN MY NAME organised a protest gathering at Parliament Street, New Delhi against rapes and sexual harassment.

The protest was called for demanding justice for Asifa, an 8 year old girl raped and brutally killed in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir.

Asifa was raped in a temple for eight days, starved, drugged, given electric shocks and later killed and dumped on streets. The whole incident shook the nation. The incident was of January but things came out at outrage when Hindu Ekta Manch organised a march in support of rapists and two BJP MLA and one Congress MLA were leading the whole march.

Many bollywood celebrities, civil society, activists, students and common people started demanding justice for Asifa and rape victims.

In the protest gathering organised by Not In My Name approx 5000 people gathered and demanded arrest of BJP and Congress MLA who support rapists and along with that they also demanded gender justice and justice for all rape victims of India.

Rahul Rao (Activist), Deepika S Rajawat (Lawyer of Asifa Rape case), Swara Bhaskar (Actress), and many other prominent people joined the protest.


(Written By Aatir Arshad,He is pursing B.A. from Jamia Millia Islamia)

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