Corruption and Fraud in Entrance Exams

A new trend has emerged out in the field of education. The very first pillar of the educational institutions i.e. “Honesty” is under the severe attack from every side.

Student communities are totally bewildered by the news of leakage of entrance question papers of various courses of different educational institutions. Although such corrupt activities are not new in our country but the year ‘2015’ broke all the previous records. It all started with the leakage of medical entrance exam of AIPMT, the highest body for holding combined medical entrance test and this corrupt practice soon spread all over the nation engulfing many central universities which were famous for their cultural legacy and plurality.

One such name is ‘Jamia Millia Islamia’ whose origin lies in the Non-Cooperation Movement of Gandhi back in 1920. This university has a historic record of serving the nation in the form of providing best education to the students from socially and economically backward society.

A recent news of leakage of entrance papers of B.Tech and BDS shocked not just the Jamia community but the entire educational fraternity.
Questions papers were heard to be sold openly outside the entrance exams centres in some part of Delhi at different prices.
It resulted in the cancellation of B.TECH entrance & postponement of the BDS entrance test.

There are nearly 45000 students who had applied for these courses. They are totally confused and are now feared about their career. Lacs of students who pass senior secondary exams and apply for different courses, when go through such incidents and news, lose their hope and confidence in the education. The perceptions of the students about the concerned institutions totally gets changed.

It has become a burning issue which is needed to be addressed with utmost concerns. Such activities are not just a matter of shame but a challenge for the educational reformists as well. Plurality and neutrality of education is all ready under the attack from the current NDA government on the name of reform. Educational institutions are being saffronized by promoting communal minded people to head the institutions.
The time has come to elevate the level of transparency in the education.

Students wo already are a part of the universities need to keep an eye on the working of the administration and must be ready to incorporate wherever required, otherwise those days are not far away when the only secular and pious institutions (all the universities) of the country will be overtaken by the corrupts and ill-minded people.

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