Ramadan: 7 things you could relate to

Ramadan has started and will continue for a month, giving way to Eid. The month long fasting has a million things for us to experience. Here are 7 of them-

#1  You feel empathy for the poor.

Staying hungry for the whole day before having a meal, you realize what the pain of being poor and starved feels like.
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#2 You get to see the sunrise.

Waking up for Sehri at 3 am and moving on for Fajr. An year’s worth of ‘Early to bed and early to rise’, all at once.
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#3  Non-muslim friends asking, “yaar, bina khana bina paani kaise reh lete ho poore din??” ?
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#4  You learn patience and self control.

Having delicacies in front of your eyes, and still waiting for the evening to have a bite is not everyone’s cup of tea.
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#5  You learn compassion.

Helping poor people and offering charity (Zakaat), as much as could be offered by an individual, by the end of this month, so that the poor souls could have something for the coming festival (Eid). Full of heart, isn’t it?
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#6  You end up with a deeper faith in Almighty after the month.

It is the month of Ramzan when Almighty blessed the mankind with Qura’n (a constitution). Recitation of Qur’an throughout the month (Tarabi) is carried out as gratitude.
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#7 Organizing and attending Iftaar parties

Last but not the least, after the tolerance, comes the fruit. The Iftaar parties involve the spirit of festivity. A celebration each day of the month- not bad, eh?
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