Khadi Utsav: Celebrating Gandhi at DU’s Miranda House

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. One of the biggest visionaries the world has ever had. Gandhi was truth. Gandhi was simplicity. Gandhi was a vision. Gandhi was India. We, at the Khadi Utsav celebrate that truth, simplicity and vision. At Khadi Utsav, we celebrate India.

A trail of events reviving Gandhian ways of life, his principles and Gandhi himself take place the entire event to get closer to Bapu. From poster making to collages to open mics, all that we try putting to action, we only get an inch closer to the enigmatic persona that continues to awe even the international community till date. Our stalls of Khadi promote Gandhi’s love for the fabric and his deep-rooted faith in the power embedded in Indian hands. His belief that India’s future lies in the future of our cottage industries is something that still stands tall and true. With the Prime Minister of India, himself, endorsing Khadi and its promotion only adds to the work we strive to do.

India is a land of diversities. We are different, yet unique. We are Gandhi’s colourful India which celebrates its differences. We’re Gandhi’s united India that strives hard to keep all strings attached yet each playing its own tune. At Khadi Utsav, we revere our differences and seek beauty in them through Gandhi’s eyes. Through our reverence, we immortalise Gandhi.

(Reported by : Esha Pradhan)

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