How hypocritical our society is! At one side they worship the goddesses and on  the other side the condition of women, deteriorating,  is clearly visible for us  and on this auspicious occassion of Durga puja ,which the whole country is celebrating we have come across a recent violence and arson in Banaras Hindu University(BHU) against women, how a 21 year old student from Delhi,whose molestation has triggered widespread protests ,leading to violence in the campus and how the matter has been politicized now whose flames now reached to Delhi University(DU) and other universities as well. In this context ,we have tried to seek the opinion of few students to know what they think and how they feel about all this .

Megha Mishra

Megha Mishra ,2nd year ,BHU
‘This was nothing more than a peaceful protest and according to our constitution’s fundamental rights we’ve the right to assemble peacefully and that’s what we were doing. None of us wanted this matter to politicize and use this peaceful protest for their political benefits. A peaceful demonstration that was going on since two days did not have to see this end. The girls were only blocking Lanka gate,letting the needy to pass by,and asking for their rights that have already been given to them by UGC.Are we in Democracy when the rules and guidelines made by the centre are so openly violated? No!we are for sure under a dictatorship now!there had been no attempt to attack any building or person in two days by the students.Even the slogans that were being put forth we checked so we don’t use any abusive language.All of this was clear indication that we wanted a peaceful demonstration for our rights,and a talk to the Vice-Chancellor.But,he did not have the courage to come out of his hole.He made several attempts ,asking girls to get locked up in their hostel so he’d come,buthe could not.And lastly ,when he could come out with no solution in two days ,he order lathi charge on students.Shame on the people who took his orders!Shame on the people who beat up girls who were just sitting on the roadside and did not raise a hand when lathis fell on them .And the shame on the parents who are now taking the girls back to their home with the warning.And the media ,the reliable Indian media who probably have forgotten their job,print as and what is said by the administration.Two days of protest does bot enter their deaf ears,but money does!Nevertheless, this is not over!

Anushka Singh

 Anushka Singh,3rd year ,Miranda House(DU)
In the University these kind of violence become common now because every yaer something other thing happen .First,JNU incident then Ramjas one and now BHU .One and most important thing ,Administration want to suppress voices of girls in BHU incident .security becomes a very big issue in these university and every girl deserves secure environment.We are living in 2017 and women are strong nobody have right to molest them’

Ankit Kumar Mishra

Ankit kumar Mishra,2nd year ,Kirori mal college(DU)

The news of sexual harassment and sexual violence is very common in our country,we think education can decrease such type of thing but the reality is that in prestigious educational institute such as JNU and DU also latest case is from BHU of molestation and eve teasing  is common …the question is why?And when this type of incident be stopped .Our country is known for worshipping women ,respect them. the lathi charge by police on girl students by the orders of BHU administration is shameful…Instead of taking actions against molesters they just wanted to suppress the victim.’

Shivani Nagar

Shivani Nagar,3rd year, Miranda House(DU)

It seems Prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi’s slogan “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” has not reached Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi .Instead of helping and supporting girls in solving their safety problems,Policemen lathi-charge girls protesting against sexual harassment in their own campus.Kaise log hain jinhe safe campus e itni takleef hai? Is this really what people say “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”?’


















Written and compiled by: Meghna Roy

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