Anuradha Koirala: A Lady Who Serve the Mother of Humankind Everyday

Born in a philanthropist family in Nepal, Anuradha inherited generosity to help others and the courage to rebel against the devastating sinful activity which is not only an evil but a giant serpent against the whole womankind originated from the society, present in society and has to end within society by the society. By serpent, I hereby meant for sex trafficking which is hunting women and girls of every age all over the country which would disturb all the very basic norms on which society is built. Anuradha is a heroic woman who decided to finish this sex rackets by its root from all over the country and the first step she took to revolt against it was to preserve the exploited women in her surroundings, then in her city and finally in her own Nepal. She rescued more than 12,000 women victims of sex trafficking in a period of 1993-2011 but the problem aroused; what about those refuge women who were abandoned by their family and guardians after revelation of their fate.

Well, she took a responsibility for that too; she formed a non-profit organization for such women and girls, named Maiti Nepal which stands for ‘mother’s home’ in Nepali language. Not only, this organization rescue and rehabilitate the victims of sex trafficking but also by the name of this rehabilitation home, provides those girls and women the respect that they lost. Anuradha might have realized the lost womanhood that those women must have realized. She understands that none can compensate their loss but at least she can remind them of their motherhood which have been denied to them calling them whores and prostitutes and treating them as impure. Hence, Maiti Nepal needs to be appreciated not only for its good work but also, for the dignity that it provides to exploited women.
Anuradha is serving the whole womankind with such loyalty and heroism that even the United States government has given a two-year grant of $500,000 (52124000. 00 in Nepali rupees) to Maiti Nepal in April 2010. Her task is appreciated by every authority who gets to know about it and that’s why she has received a number of awards and valuable amount of money to run her organization. She has also been awarded by the people of California where she received CNN Heroes Award.

Her achievements are uncountable and appreciation is endless; being a single woman she helped almost every marginalized woman fearlessly revolting against those in power who operated sex trafficking and brothels all over.

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