ANTARDHVANI 2014,“Good Practices” awards.

DU(New Delhi):The DU Antardhvani Cultural Festival was conceptualized and started in 2011 and has become the showpiece event of India’s highest rated university. In the brief duration of two years it has emerged as the medium for profiling the university’s cultural, sports and academic achievements. The last Antardhvani attracted about 1, 50,000 footfalls in three days.The annual Cultural Festival of the University of Delhi was named ‘Antardhvani’ by Vice Chancellor, Professor Dinesh Singh. By listening to the ‘inner voice’, a student will discover his/ her calling in life, and be guided in the path of right action.

The theme for Antardhvani 2014 “Good Practices” awards to Colleges would be the Four Year Undergraduate Programme. Participants will be expected to present various facets of the First Year Classroom such as innovations in teaching, interactive pedagogy, projects, and student presentations. Additional points will be given for College website, technology use, access to students with disability, upkeep of premises and gardens, eco-friendly waste disposal/write-offs, among other factors. Departments of the University of Delhi will be expected display “Good Practices” in teaching, research publications, research projects, technology use, access and facilities for students with disability, physical upkeep of the Department premises, among other factors.

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