AMU Alumni Meet concludes with resounding success

ALIGARH October 19: Noted young scientist and Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award winner, Dr. Rajeev K. Varshney said, The Aligarh Muslim University is different than other universities in India and abroad. While other universities give degrees to their students, he AMU does not just give degrees but lays down strong foundation in students and teaches Tehzeeb, makes us feel responsible towards society and country and the most important thing is that AMU teaches its students ‘tolerance’. This tolerance may be of cultures, regions or even religions. We learn to accommodate ourselves, we learn what is the strength in the unity and we learn what is the strength of learning”.

Dr. Varshney was addressing at the valedictory function of the two-day AMU Alumni Meet organized by the Aligarh Muslim University. More than six hundred alumni from across the world participated in this mega event.

Dr. Varshney said, “This great institution has given birth to a number of great personalities in different disciplines. Many of us might have noticed one thing that while we are rained in AMU, we do much better outside AMU. So, we should do something that our next generation can do world class research and glorify this great institution”.

He said that Sir Syed always remained concerned with the national development and observed that “national progress is the sum total of the individuals’ labour, honesty and sympathy”. He said that he always kept this in his mind while pursuing his goal.

Urging students to work hard in achieving their goals, Dr Varshney again quoted Sir Syed by saying, ‘If a plan does not work, change the plan and not the goal’.

Dr Varshney highlighted the importance of working in the area of agriculture. He said that there is a dire need for genomics and Modern Breeding for Crop Improvement. “We need digital revolution in various areas of agriculture and we need to understand that the major bulk of our population still lives on agriculture,” said Dr Varshney.

The AMU Vice Chancellor, Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah (retd) said that by having Dr Varshney as the chief guest, we have proved that AMU is a modern and scientific educational institution.

After thanking the alumni for attending the Meet, the AMU Vice Chancellor said that we have shown the recent development projects to the alumni and that AMU is on the way to continuous progress.

He assured that AMU, which enjoys the 2nd rank amongst the Indian universities with the Times Higher Education UK rankings will soon be at the first place. He also thanked the Alumni affairs Committee for successfully organizing the event and administration and teachers for the smooth running of the university. He concluded by saying that the university has a lot of hopes from the alumni.

The Aligarh Muslim University, Pro Vice Chancellor, Brigadier S Ahmad Ali (retd) said he had never enjoyed a Valedictory Function more than this one. “For the past two-and half days, the university students and staff got to know the alumni and the alumni interacted with the students and staff. Now that we have reached the parting point, I assure you that there is no replacement for human feelings,” said the Pro Vice Chancellor.

He further said that during the Meet, alumni have doled out money from their purses for AMU and he will like to assure them that their donations will be rightly used. He also urged the alumni to give feedbacks in case if they have noticed short comings during the event.  

The Pro Vice Chancellor concluded by saying that during the meet he saw student volunteers serving food and water to the alumni. “I am moved by the hard work of our student volunteers and would like to congratulate them for making this event successful.   

Dr Suhail Sabir, Chairman, AMU Alumnui Affairs Committee said that a participation of over 600 alumni in the Meet has given this Meet, a big success. He added that the consecutive sessions of the Meet were overwhelmed by the presence of students, who got a big opportunity to interact with the illustrious AMU alumni.

Alumni from US, Canada, Pakistan, Thailand, Middle Eastern Countries and other countries which included Brig. Iqbal M. Shafi, Mrs Naushaba Tasneem, Mr Faisal Saleem, Mr Shaheer Khan, Professor Mohd Ahmad Badshah, Mrs Ruqaiyya Farouqui, Prof Jaran Maluseen, Mr Abdul Hafeez Khan and Mr Fareed Khan also expressed their views and assured the Vice Chancellor that all AMU Alumni Associations are with the university in all sorts of developmental work.

On the occasion, the AMU Vice Chancellor, Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah (retd) also launched a website, ‘’ meant to connect AMU Alumni in civil services with the university. AMU engineering students were also awarded for making electronic wheel chairs run with phones and internet and electronic crane for the visually challenged.

On this occasion, Prof. Asad Ullah Khan presented a citation highlighting achievements of Dr. Rajeev K. Varshney. He said that Dr. Varshney completed his B.Sc. in 1993 and M.Sc. in 1995 from the AMU.

The valedictory function was conducted by Dr Shariq Aqeel and Dr Ali Jafar Abedi proposed the vote of thanks. 

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