6 TYPES OF GIRLS YOU”LL MEET IN Jesus and Mary College(JMC)

Jesus and Mary College(JMC), University of Delhi:

A Jesus and Mary College(JMC) girl always stands out in a crowd. The crowd here is beauty with brain. JMCites have their own charm be it a crop top or a simple kurti- they carry everything so well. Thus the girls from JMC could easily give a tough time to other college girls. Following are the different types of girl’s one find in JMC:

  1. FASHIONISTAS: JMC does have a crowd with great looks and even better fashion sense. These are the party freaks who come for a few classes now and then..Often few…they might end up with attendance issue but they manage everything. For them every moment needs to be captured with a picture, preferably a selfie and then upload them on social media to showcase how much fun they’re having. They are often the most pampered ones who grab a coffee at CCD in between the classes and are generally seen to have colloquial English! She’s got the looks, money, jewellery, clothes, cars-you name it, she has it…and yes even the hot rich boyfriend!
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  2. STUDIOUS ONES: These are the girl’s one run for notes when exams are close. Attending all the classes and listening to lectures with full concentration sitting in the first bench, you’ll find them in the library, staff room clearing doubts, and so on. God knows how much they have to study!Study
  3. ACTIVE LEADERS: These are the dedicated members of different student societies. They spend long hours in college than the rest of us and hog the Amphi, the Common room, the MPH or any other area of their choice. Repeating the same line in sync a hundred times with their acting routine and shouts of “Ye JMC ki kudiyan”, “Ye JMC ki kudiyan” or the English Dramatics with their scripts, or the Mudra; all of them are fully dedicated members who give their 100%.
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  4. The Sports Quotas: You will hardly see them in the classrooms and when they do mark their presence, the teacher will dedicate a good fifteen minutes on them. They’re all amazing at some sport or the other and are probably going to be famous while we’re still studying; not to forget they do not have any attendance issue!Sports quota
  5. MALLUS: There is this group of people from Kerala who talks in Malayalam while you sit there wondering what they’re talking about. This group knows how to make you laugh until your sides hurt and they are the one who give you all the latest update and gossip around. For most of them what matters to them the most is food; having turned the canteen into their home but end up getting dosa-idli type tiffins.Kerala Girls
  6. NORTH EASTERNS: They will have the best fashion sense including those jeggings, those bags and those skirts. They have the most stylish long hairstyles with colorful streaks. They too converse with one another in their local languages but are found to be the sweetest and cutest among all! North East Girls

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