Action: Redefined Forever

Furiously maddening and creative to its maximum altitude, Mad Max: Fury Road feeds our mind the most exciting childhood fantasies and gives us a world where impossible is impossible. Action at its best and graphics you can keep admiring even long after watching it. It is a full-on entertainer and immensely successful stress-buster of a movie which you cannot help but love as an action enthusiast. With the year that gave us action big-wig flicks like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Terminator: Genesis and MI: Rogue Nation, the movie which no one thought would stand anywhere takes away the crown of the most entertaining film of this genre. Mad Max is unbelievably picturesque and heavily loaded with out-of-the-box thought-action sequences which leave us speechless and astonished. One meteor of a scene after another, the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes the length of your finger nails a bit shorter. Anticipation, excitement, fun- it promises a marvellous movie watching experience!

It is set up in a futuristic world where there is scarcity of water and a lot of the area is deserted. There’s a colony ruled by the dreadful cult leader ‘Immortan Joe’ played by Hugh Keays-Byrne. Our lead protagonists ‘Furiousa’ and ‘Max’ depicted by Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy try to flee away from his bondage with all of his wives. The movie lacks heavily on story line and plot but makes up for all of it with its defining action sequences. There is everything that we ever thought of as children and much more. It has trucks, monster trucks, dirt bikes, flame throwing transports, huge vehicles collapsing, blasts, people hanging on long sticks while the truck is moving, fire and explosions. Adrenaline and testosterone rush throughout the flick and it has a happy ending as well, where the mighty king is defeated and the valley is freed by Furiousa.

The movie brings a lot of novelty to the platter and makes us say wow after every twenty minutes. The massive amount of creativity serves the much needed break from the ever-so-boring Tom Cruise-Arnold Schwarzenegger style of action. It is wild, on a very large scale, something different and thoroughly enjoyable.

Mad Max: Fury Road is an all-out entertainer which gives you no chance to hate it but every reason to love it. You tend to forget everything else and just have fun while watching it. It is the kind of movie which takes away your stress and gives you that wow factor not once or twice but n number of times. There are not many dialogues, but the background music keeps one engaged. Cinematography is exceptional, and action -no matter how many times I say it, it doesn’t seem enough- is just awesome!

Watch it for the sheer fun of it and the happiness you get out of seeing things getting destroyed. Grand and alluring, the movie is one fiery cracker. Undoubtedly the best action movie of 2K15 till date. Go mad, Go furious… Go maximum.

P.S: Flame throwing guitars with humongous speakers blowing while the whole set up is riding on a truck. Need I say more? Go grab a bag of popcorn!

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