A girls response to the showering controversy after the withdrawal of late night by Jamia girl’s hostel

Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi:

Brought up in sheer restriction or ‘protection’, as the guardian say, she has forgotten the real independence and freedom that other girls demand. She has learned to live in such circumstances and all her daily affairs are shaped that way. To her staying away after 8 pm was out of question, not a thought like this has ever flickered her mind. To her it was okay if the boys were not under any restrictions from hostel because they need no protection. They don’t get raped. To her, it was good if the hostel has restricted the late nights to its residents.

What would girls do after eight? Can’t she wrap up her work by curfew time? Of course she can, besides, if she really had some work after eight she would definitely get permission from hostel on the production of application signed by their local guardian, no big deal; the hostel authorities are not so rigid. It bothered her why the media has hyped the issue so much. Besides there are many hostels who had the same curfew timings. She thought it was for the care and protection issues that the university has withdrawn its late night given twice a month. She thought Jamia is like a father who can go to any scale to protect their daughters. What’s wrong in that? Why does a father fear their daughters going out late at night? THIS IS NO MISOGYNY. THIS IS NO CHAUVINISM. THIS IS LOVE. THIS IS CARE. THIS IS PROTECTION. So Jamia is A FATHER, after all, she thought. Had she been living at home, her curfew would have rather been 7 pm, she said. It is their responsibility to protect us and that is what they think about. They don’t get any personal benefits in imposing restrictions. Do they?

After the 16th December rape case in Delhi, would any father be okay with their daughters staying out late? It is a question of great concern. Who came under questions? The father or the Delhi government for the vulnerable Delhi? Every other father would think, prevention is better than cure, rest should be left to destiny. So did Jamia; what big deal? It is the ravens and the scavengers moving freely that should be questioned. It is the audacious oppressor that should come in question not the cautious oppressed. So should media. It should turn its lenses to the VULNERABILITY of the circumstances that is forcing the institution to take such steps. Had Delhi been safe enough, which father would not want his daughter to fly with her wings opened wide? It is only the sky that needs to be clear.

The policing and patrolling needs focus. Is she wrong when she said this? She wishes a world where her father would have no reason to stop her, when he would not fear the threats. She thinks we need a change in perception. We need a holistic eye. Every question will ultimately have an answer. IS SHE WRONG?

Hence, when the mainstream media is busy calling Jamia a sexist, this girl requests you to kindly think on the whole issue with rather a cold and composed mind and rethink on your allegations.

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